Tip #3: Know When to Take on New Roles

download (1)Last month’s tip was all about the importance of moving slowly as we settle into our new church. As pastors’ wives, we want to take the time to build relationships, learn the church, and join the ladies in what they’re already doing, but we don’t want to go so slow we stagnate. We want to embrace our role as pastors’ wives and help lead the women of the church in the proper areas at the proper times. But how will we know when the right times and roles come along?

Here are some questions to ask ourselves as we try to decide about taking on new church responsibilities:

  • Does my current season of life allow for this job? If I’m a mom with babies/toddlers/preschoolers, it’s probably not the right time to take on church responsibilities beyond caring for my children so my husband can pastor the people. For instance, if my becoming a greeter means that my husband has to pick up our children from Sunday School and get them to the sanctuary for Worship, I probably shouldn’t take the job.
  • Do I know and love the people of the church? And do they know and love me? If I haven’t built solid relationships first, it’s probably not the time to take on the job of Women’s Ministry Leader. Instead, I could volunteer to serve meals alongside the other ladies at the local homeless shelter. That way, I’m helping while also strengthening my relationships with other ladies.
  • Am I gifted/equipped to fill this role? Am I considering a job just because nobody else will do it? Or am I gifted for the job but don’t have the equipment or time to do it properly? If I’m tone-deaf, I probably shouldn’t volunteer to lead music. However, if I’d make a wonderful Women’s Bible Study teacher but don’t have time to prepare my own studies, I should think about whether I could do the job if the church purchased ready-made lessons for me to lead. On the other hand, if I’m a computer nerd with a laptop, internet access, and sufficient time, maybe I should consider tackling the job of Website Coordinator.
  • What does my husband think? It’s always wise to consult with my husband before taking on any new responsibilities, especially in the church. After all, as the head of our home and the shepherd of our church, he’s in the best position to help me determine which roles I should pursue. He may also want to ask the elders and/or deacons what they think of me taking on a particular job.

If, after prayerful consideration, I decide to take on a new responsibility, I should embrace my role with diligence, punctuality, and joy as service to the King of kings.

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