My To-Do List for the New Homeschool Year

Now that August has rushed in and the new school year looms large, I desperately need my homeschool checklist to ward off panic mode. I thought I’d share my list in case it might help you out as well. Don’t forget to put that wonderful little checkmark by each item as you complete it!  free-school-clip-art-123786


___ Join/renew membership to HSLDA.

___ Get assessments/portfolios done from last school year. In Columbus, Home on the Rock can help you prepare for notification. For non-Ohioans, check with HSLDA for your state’s requirements.

___ File/store last year’s school stuff.

___ Sort out old curriculum. Sell/give away what you won’t need again (Consider using Ebay, Craigslist, or The Homeschooler’s Curriculum Swap). Store what you will need in future years. Don’t forget to look through what you bought at those used curriculum sales in June so you don’t buy it again.

___ Order curriculum. My favorites are Rainbow Resource (free freight for $50!), Amazon (free shipping on most orders over $35), and Ebay (compare prices before bidding!).


___ Prepare your letter of intent to home school and intended curriculum lists for each child. Here’s a form for Ohioans. (Again, check HSLDA for other state’s requirements).

___ Check the superintendents list or your local school district webpage so you can plan when to send your notification packet. Make sure you get the right address! Plan to send the packet by certified mail 2-3 days before the school district start date. Don’t forget to keep copies for yourself.

___ Clean out school room/desks/bookshelves/computer areas.

___ Buy school supplies for the year (while they’re on sale!)

___ Set up school space.

___ Prepare record-keeping materials (Homeschool Tracker, grade books/programs, lesson plan books/programs).


___ Clean the rest of the house.

___ Prepare lesson plans for the first couple weeks of school.

___ Print worksheets, projects, etc., including copies of notification materials to keep with you until your letter arrives from your school district.

___ Run errands.

___ Do grocery shopping.

___ Do laundry.

___ Make lists of daily schedules for each child.

___ Make a chore chart for the children.

___ Remember to send your notification packet by certified mail 2-3 days before school starts for your district!

Happy schooling!