July 19th Release of The Fall of Thor’s Hammer

The second book in my Levi Prince YA fantasy series, The Fall of Thor’s Hammer, is due to release July 19th!

ThorsHammer_Flat (1)

Here’s the blurb:
Stay out of the cellar! One of Camp Classic’s firmest rules puts Levi in a dilemma when he hears banging on the cellar door. Could it be a Lake Superior sailor driven into Terracaelum’s underbelly by a storm? Or is it one of the Dvergar trying to lure a foolish camper to certain death? It’s only the first night back in the castle and already Levi must make a potentially disastrous decision: Should he disobey Mr. Dominic at the risk of his own life? Or do as he’s told, possibly leaving some poor sailor to wander in darkness until he starves?

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