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Forget Something?

k4836825Have you ever gotten up to do something and been distracted along the way—completely forgetting to do what you intended? Maybe you promised to have your daughter’s soccer uniform clean and ready for her game that night. Maybe you even washed it, but on your way to put it in the dryer, you became sidetracked. Could be the distraction was important—your son got sick or your husband needed help finding a file for work. Maybe you needed to get meat out of the freezer for supper.

Or maybe what made you lose focus wasn’t so important. Maybe your best friend called to gossip about the neighbor, or a commercial on television caught your eye. Could be you just never made it past the cookie jar on the kitchen counter. Either way, the result was the same. At the end of the day, your daughter asked about her uniform because it was game-time. You rushed to the dryer only to find it empty. With a sinking feeling, you turned to the washer and pulled out a soggy lump—her uniform, totally unfit for the big game. You failed to do what you promised.

Often we fail to do what we’ve promised God as well. We tell Him we’ll attend Worship, study our Bibles, spend time in prayer, memorize Scripture, and nourish those fruits of the Spirit. But we get distracted along the way. Sometimes the distractions are important. Sometimes we have to deal with illnesses, job troubles, or family problems.

But sometimes the things that derail us aren’t so important. We neglect Worship to go shopping or skip our quiet time so we can sleep in. Instead of reading books that nourish our souls, we veg out in front of the television. We spend an hour backbiting our sister in Christ rather than memorizing the Scriptures that command us to love one another. No matter what distracts us, the result is the same. We come to the end of our lives and God asks for an accounting because it’s judgment time. We rush around in our minds, trying to produce a clean garment of godliness, only to pull out our soggy lump of a life and feel sorry for the time we’ve wasted. We’ve failed to do what we promised.

God offers forgiveness for His repentant children, but let’s not waste the life God gave us. Let’s not allow anything, whether petty or important, to distract us from our true purpose in life: to glorify God in all that we do, say, and think. Let’s keep the promises we made to God when He adopted us as His own. Let’s spend time in His Word and in prayer, worship with fellow believers, and encourage one another to grow in grace and godliness.