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Becoming a Better Steward of My Church

stewardshipDo you ever wonder how you can be a better steward of the gift of your local church? I sure do. Here are some biblical principals I discovered about how God wants us to treat His church:

1.  Give cheerfully and proportionately to the church where I’m a member. If I can’t give ten percent with a glad heart, I am to figure out what I can give with joy and do so faithfully. If I can give more than ten percent cheerfully, then I should do it.

2.  Use my gifts. God gave me at least one talent to use for His church. I should never make others do what they weren’t gifted to do because I refuse to work.

3.  Recognize the consequences of a grumbling spirit. God delivered the children of Israel from Egypt and all they did was grumble. The result? They died after wasting their lives wandering in the wilderness when they could’ve lived in the Promised Land. I don’t want to be like them, so caught up in my complaints that I lose out on God’s blessings.

4.  Show up. Attending Worship, Bible Study, and other activities at my church is a huge way of showing how much value I place on my church. And on God Himself.

5.  Cherish the gift of my leaders. Grieving the ones who work so hard for the good of God’s church is sheer foolishness. When I drain my pastors, elders, and deacons of their joy in service, I squander my church’s best resources. I don’t want to be like the generation in the wilderness that exasperated their leader, Moses, to the point that he, too, sinned and lost out on the Promised Land.

6.  Speak positively. When my church leaders come up with biblical plans for our church, I am to make negative words anathema to me. Even if I disagree, I should simply say, “It’s wonderful that our leaders want to lead us in the pursuit of godliness and the spread of the gospel of Jesus Christ.”