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Another Book Contract!

Today I had the joy of signing a contract with Hallway Publishing, a new imprint of Winter Goose Publishing, for Tricked, the first book in my Levi Prince juvenile fantasy series, due to release later this year. I thank God for the blessing of having two of my books published in 2015 (Whitewashed releases next month!).

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHere’s a blurb about Tricked:

Thirteen-year-old Levi Prince’s family no sooner leaves him on Castle Island for Camp Classic than an unexpected storm hits, and Mr. Dominic says they must go north to their “sturdier facilities.” After a long, muddy hike through bulleting rain, the camp director announces they’ve arrived at camp. But they’re on a precipice with the writhing lake far below and not a building in sight. Fear chokes Levi at the realization: he’s stuck at summer camp in the middle of Lake Superior with fifty other kids, some really weird-looking staff, and a nutcase director who thinks it’s normal to stand on a cliff in a violent storm babbling about tea. Now what should Levi do?