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The Fall of Thor’s Hammer Is Now Available for Pre-order!

The Fall of Thor’s Hammer, book 2 in my Levi Prince YA Christian fantasy series, is now available for pre-order in both paperback and e-book formats. Click to pre-order on Amazon or Barnes and Noble.  The Fall of Thor’s Hammer releases on August 23rd!

ThorsHammer_Flat (1)

Stay out of the cellar! One of Camp Classic’s firmest rules puts Levi in a dilemma when he hears banging on the cellar door. Could it be a Lake Superior sailor driven into Terracaelum’s underbelly by a storm? Or is it one of the Dvergar trying to lure a foolish camper to certain death? It’s only the first night back in the castle and already Levi must make a potentially disastrous decision: Should he disobey Mr. Dominic at the risk of his own life? Or do as he’s told, possibly leaving some poor sailor to wander in darkness until he starves?