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The Magic of Music

images (3)Did you know that music has magical power? It can influence our thoughts, actions, and decisions.  A wise man once wrote that music is the gateway to the soul. Another man said that music gets past the guard of the heart easier than things like speech and writing. When I heard about these theories, I wanted to know how they worked. I came up with three observations.

First, music uses melody to influence my feelings. For example, a sad, sweet melody can make me nostalgic, and a bright, cheery one makes me feel happy or joyful. This can be good or bad. If I allow the melody to influence me, I may be unnecessarily angry or sad. However, if I need to be cheered up, then being influenced by the melody can help.

Second, words influence me. For some reason, words put to a good melody stick in my mind better. I often remember the songs we sang in worship better than the sermon. This influence can be a good thing if the songs reinforce the sermon points. Then they help me remember important truths.

Third, repetition in the lyrics drives ideas into my head. It works like a hammer in that it just keeps hitting the same spot. If all I listen to is secular music, this factor can cause a problem. However, if I listen to good Christian music as well, then it can help me learn more about my faith.

In conclusion, music influences us through melody, lyrics, and repetition. We must be careful how we allow this magic to influence us.images (2)