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Teens and Senior Adults

This week’s blog is an article by my daughter that will appear in Encounter Magazine. It’s her first time to be published, and I think she has some good thoughts on the importance of reaching across generations in the church.thumb_COLOURBOX6623351

I believe the teens and senior adults in churches should get to know each other. In fact, this would be good for both the seniors and the teens. There are several reasons they should get to know one another.

First, it is a lot of fun to be around people who are younger or older than you instead of hanging around only people your own age. Recently, my church had a youth event to watch the Ohio State versus Michigan game at one of our senior adults’ houses. There were more seniors who came to watch the game with us. We ate pizza, watched the game together, and all of us had a lot of fun.

Next, the two generations can learn from each other. The senior adults know first-hand about some of the things students are learning about in school, like WWII, the Great Depression , Vietnam , and other events from history . The seniors could tell the teens what it was like when they were young. And the teenagers could learn from the example of the seniors. On the other hand, seniors can learn what it is like to be a young person in our culture today.

Last, the two groups would have a chance to serve each other. The teens can help the seniors do jobs that the seniors can’t, things like climbing ladders to clean out gutters or shoveling driveways when it snows. Our youth group has done some jobs like those. Also, seniors can teach teens how to do things, like fixing cars or woodworking. One of the senior adult ladies in our church is teaching me how to sew. She enjoys passing on her skill, and I have fun learning.

Overall, it is good for both the teens and the seniors of churches to get to know each other. It helps both teens and seniors learn and grow in Jesus Christ. It builds solid relationships among God’s people across age lines, and it strengthens the church.